4 Pointers on How to Live a Healthy Life

To live a healthy life is the prime goal for a great many. With all the tension and stress in your home, work and school environments, you may be among the many who are wondering how to live a healthy life.

Well, to live a healthy life involves a lot of varied factors. It is not only about physical wellness as this is only one aspect of your multi-faceted life. You are here not only to exist but to make a difference as well. To do this, you have to be healthy and live a healthy life.

Here are four different steps you can do to live a healthy life:

1. Your Emotional Health is as Important as Your Physical Health

A fundamental question to ask yourself is: How do I express my emotions? There are so many people who keep emotions pent up inside until they cannot anymore hold on to them which in turn results in emotional as well as physical breakdown. The trick here is to express yourself. Don’t be afraid to vent out your anger or any strong emotion as there are positive ways to do so. You can write it if you cannot say it. You can also correct someone who has wronged by talking about the issue with him or her. Remember, when it comes to emotional health, it pays to express what you feel.

2. A Healthy Life Starts from Within

Learn to love yourself. You definitely have strengths and weaknesses; giftedness and weak points. You must learn to embrace these attributes as they will be part of you throughout your life. On one hand, you must first recognize your weaknesses in order to overcome them. On the other hand, you must make use of your strengths to further sharpen them. Socrates said: “Know Thyself.” It is only through knowing yourself that you will start to love who and what you are.

3. A Healthy Life Requires Healthy Diet and a Proactive Lifestyle

Fast food is not healthy food. With the hustle and bustle of city life, people tend to go to fast food chains to eat meals. However, you must not bite into this habit as well. Cook food at home and bring it to work or school. Eat less meat and more vegetables; less carbohydrates and more fiber. Moreover, a healthy diet is not enough. It must be coupled with exercise. Plan an exercise regimen that is best for you. Among the most popular and easy to do exercises include brisk walking, jogging, tae-bo and even dancing. So, get up and burn some calories!

4. Be Grateful for the Little Things Life Provides

There is nothing healthier than a thankful heart. Learn to appreciate small blessings such as being able to stroll around the park or being with loved ones for dinner. It is the small things that make life more meaningful. Also, the more you focus on positive things, the more you enjoy life. It is likewise easier for you to overcome obstacles when you think positively.

A healthy lifestyle is within your reach. Go out and live a healthy life!

Living A Healthy Life – The Secret We All Need to Know

The common theme that crops up again and again is often portrayed as the secret to living a healthy life is how the person thinks. I cannot emphasise enough that it doesn’t honestly matter what you DO if what you THINK is truly what is standing in your way.

I was listening to an audio by one of my favourite authors and teachers Wayne Dyer, this morning. What he said is honestly what every good teacher will tell you if you will listen and that is ” Your thoughts form your reality”. And so it follows that you think healthy thoughts and you will have a healthier life.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? And it is, BUT, and this is a huge BUT! This cannot be achieved without knowing the one big secret that will sabotage you every time! I hope that I am being emphatic here because this is what makes the difference. And that secret is BELIEF .

If you do not believe what you are thinking then it won’t make any difference to the general health of your life and your lifestyle. I have seen so many times people doing affirmations, trying so hard to change their life, incorporating every diet, philosophy, and new concept trend or idea in order to make their life better and they don’t make any difference to their external life. And that is truly because they don’t necessarily believe in what they are doing.

Action is important for sure and if we don’t take action steps to better our health then we will not end up with the healthy balanced body we desire but what is going on underneath is so much more important. I have seen this in people with cancer and terminal diseases. They start on a program or diet to turn their life around and get back on the track to complete health. And for some people it works, they get better, they survive traumatic treatments and surgeries and mange to regain their health. The key though is that it is not just about what they DO and quite frankly if it was about that then anyone with an illness could just do the same and everyone would get the same result. But they don’t and the difference is not really in the action but in the belief behind the action.

Think of it this way – when a cell is dividing in the womb and forming a foetus does it question its own actions? does it think ” I am just not sure how to do this thing called developing?” No – there is simply a belief system underlying that KNOWS it will develop as it should. Or perhaps the apple tree growing from an apple seed. Does the apple seed worry that if it does the wrong thing it won’t eventually turn into apple tree – not at all! It simply creates based on the belief that an apple seed does ultimately turn into an apple tree.

So to use this analogy to help us in the idea of creating a healthier life, the best way to think of it is this – we can stand in our own way by worrying that we don’t know what to do, how to be healthy, what to eat, what to avoid etc Or we can simply change our perspective by changing the thoughts and things we focus on so that we can tap into our innate BELIEF that we are healthy! It is our natural state of being,but it cannot happen unless we first believe that is the case. Work on what you believe about yourself and your life and you will find amazing things happen. The right resources will simply be there to assist you on your path to a healthy life and you won’t even necessarily know how they got in front of you. It is all about trust – trusting yourself and the universe we live in and knowing that if you look after your mind and your belief then the action will follow.

Get out of your own way and stop worrying about how it will happen and focus on what is going on in your life right now. I guarantee that the less you worry about the HOW and the more you look at your current life as a reflection of what you actually believe, the closer you will come to your own answer of how to live a healthier and more peaceful life.

How to Live a Healthy Life – 3 Useful Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Contrary to popular belief, learning how to live a healthy life doesn’t require you to sacrifice most things you’re accustomed to. Sure, there are those who like taking their healthy lifestyle to a whole new level, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Everyone has their own way of staying fit in mind and body.

These 3 easy tips will get you started on the right track in living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

Tip # 1 on how to live a healthy life: Draw a line between professional and personal.

The office can get a little stressful, especially when your job demands you to be constantly on your feet. It might have escaped your notice that you’re putting in more hours at the office than what is regular for the past three months. Or that you’re taking your work home more than usual.

Separate your professional and personal time. All guidance counselors and psychologists will tell you that all work and no play can be bad for your health.

Tip # 2 on how to live a healthy life: Switch your regular oil to extra virgin olive oil.

A lot of celebrity chefs these days are advocating the use of extra virgin olive oil. If you want to start living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keep this in mind on your next grocery trip.

Extra virgin olive oil is best known for lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Other reports also claim that it lowers the risk of cancers as well.

Unlike regular oil, extra virgin olive oil lowers your cholesterol levels. Replacing your regular oil to this healthier version can even make the result of your recipe even tastier as it is more flavorful.

Tip # 3 on how to live a healthy life: Watch your weight.

Strive to maintain your ideal weight. A lot of people don’t really feel like they have a diet issue, but are shocked when the doctor or nutritionist tells them that they’re overweight or underweight. How do you know whether you have an issue or not? Consult your doctor.

Another way to check is by calculating your body mass index (BMI). It’s basically a comparison of your height and your weight. There is a mathematical equation for calculating your BMI, but you can also check this Web site out: nhlbisupport.com/bmi. This Web site automatically provides you your BMI as soon as you key in your height and your weight.

Aren’t these steps on how to live a healthy life so easy? Anyone who says that changing lifestyles will require you to give up all that you have known, is clearly too afraid to take the challenge, or is just not determined enough to make a difference.